Dee's Alter Ego

From I'm sage, and hood, and wish a motherf*cker would,
to sugar, spice, and everything nice.
While Dee loves writing those dark, gritty, emotional, angsty reads, she also enjoys writing the lighter, smuttier stuff, too. Remi Darling is her outlet to do so. If you're a contemporary romance fan with easy, breezy plots, possessive Alpha males, sassy heroines, and scorching hot smut sprinkled all throughout the story, Remi Darling books are definitely right up your alley! 

Remi's debut

Fun fact: Remi was originally supposed to debut with something else: an all new series of complete standalones that came to me during the Spring. I was about half way through book one when Brat Mode Activated released under Dee Garcia with the Love, Not War Anthology, but after the response I got to that little 10k piece and the demand for more (we hit 109 on the expansion interest form) I knew I had to make the expansion happen. Given all things contemporary romance will be under Remi, I decided moving Daddy Grayson and Lyric under her name would make the most sense.

So, here's your official announcement: Brat Mode Activated will now be a full-length standalone! I know so many of you wanted the Anthology version cover on your shelves, so I've kept that as the "discreet" version and designed a brand new smokin' hot cover as the main. I'm so excited to bring you all the full version of this story and can't wait to unveil the new cover. I think you're all going to love it!

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