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The Damaged & Discounted section of my shop exists due to Amazon being notorious for poorly handling and packing books, thus resulting in superficially imperfect books I cannot justify selling at full price. While the interiors are intact and fully legible, the exteriors can have one or more of the following: smudged covers, bent corners, dinged spine edges, slightly dirtied page exteriors. By adding one of these to your cart, you acknowledge that you understand you will be receiving an imperfect copy of that title. No refunds or returns.




I got the girl.
I lost the girl.
I realized I couldn’t live without the girl.
And then I won her back.
Waiting for Benni was easily one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. She’s it for me, and while it wasn't easy, I’d do it all over again if I had to. I’d do anything for her.
Her freedom comes with a price, though.
She’s fighting a silent battle, warring with demons living rent-free in her head, and unfortunately for us, that’s not the only battle we’ll have to face…
That almost-ex of hers, the man who I’m only just learning she went down for, has made it perfectly clear he wants her back, that he wants what’s mine.He also claims to have answers.
Answers Benni’s family have been hoping for since Tomás was left for dead.
I thought learning the truth would bring them peace, but you know what they say: fuck around and find out.
My biggest mistake wasn’t allowing her to meet with him.
It was thinking nothing would change, that nothing could shake us, not even after she suffers the greatest of losses.
But it does.
Communication fades, lies and secrets fill the silence, an imminent sense of doom hanging heavy in the air, and in the end, it’ll be proven some bonds can never be broken—no matter how toxic and screwed up we think they may be.

The Bonds that Make Us (Upper Echelon #2)

$24.00 Regular Price
$13.99Sale Price
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