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If you're an honorary brat and a total simp for Grayson Kane, this box is for you. ;)


This is the official PRE ORDER for the Brat Mode Activated Book Boxes, both the Limited Edition version and the dual paperback version.


Both boxes will include:

• Either a signed Limited Edition Hardback of Brat Mode OR both paperbacks (model & discreet) **Please note: You will not receive all three books. There are 2 box options. Please select which one you would like to purchase.

• An exclusive Grayson & Lyric NSFW printed illustration **This is an optional item. Please input whether or not you want to receive it.

• A "This is my Princess pen. DON'T TOUCH IT." pen.

• Daddy Gray scented wax melts. 

• A Gray & Lyric fusion bathbomb.

• A Princess Brat Switch Day bookmark.

• A Brat Mode Activated sticker sheet.

• And a crocheted peen (handmade by my best friend, Hazel Grace).


Please keep two things in mind when adding this listing to your cart:

1) This listing is a pre-order, meaning your order will not ship immediately. Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping and delivery as books still need to be purchased.

2) This listing is for a book box, not a singular book. Boxes are heavier to ship, therefore adding a higher shipping fee than an individual book. I have the official USPS calculator enabled at checkout to ensure shipping fees are accurate and suffice for your box's destination.


**US and International orders welcome. ONLY ONE BOX PER CUSTOMER. Multiples in one order will be refunded. Shipping cost is automatically calculated at checkout by the USPS calculator and will depend on delivery location.

Brat Mode Activated Book Boxes

  • Refunds/returns Policy

    All sales are final. No refunds or returns.

  • Resale Policy

    Please do not up-sell (otherwise known as price gauging) this box. If you choose to resell your box/signed copy: fine. It's yours following your purchase. However, up-selling to make a profit is not okay. Be fair and ethical to those buying your box/signed copy and to the author, and only resell for what you paid. You did not write the book, do not own the rights to the content, and do not have an agreement with the author to sell for a profit, therefore, you should not be up-selling. If you are found up-selling in any B/S/T groups or online retailers like eBay, Mercari, etc, you will be ineligable to make any future purchases.

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