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Halloween with the Kings

Halloween with the Kings was a bonus scene written in 2020 for Penelope Douglas' "The Devils' Night" event in her Facebook group.

Halloween with the Kings

Copyright 2020 Dee Garcia

♫ Sex With Me - Rihanna ♫

The last time I stepped foot in this establishment, I ended up walking off the lot with blue balls, a slap to the face, and a heaping dose of frustration that only made me that much more determined to claim her.

Now, she’s mine—a year later—but the memories seem clear as day as if it all happened just yesterday. Especially when Suki called Lux onto the small stage to give the audience a refresher of her skills. Skills I’d prefer not to be showcased when the Tinkerbell costume hugging her figure is one bend away from showcasing her entire ass.

Aka, my ass.

I let her go, though. Stand here gritting my jaw instead, sweating bullets in this bloody pirate costume. Yeah, that’s right; she’s Tink, I’m Hook—an alternative, darker version anyway. I don’t dress up much for Halloween, but Suki swore she’d have my head if I didn’t dress accordingly, and I’m not trying to piss her off.

She’s bat shit crazy, crazier than Lux.

Besides, Lux mentioned having a surprise for me, and I’m a big fan of her surprises. Big fan. They’re delicious.

“I need a volunteer,” she purrs through the mic. “Someone who can sit still and enjoy the show.”

I nearly choke on my beer, almost drop the bottle in my grip.

No. She. Fucking. Didn’t.

See what I mean? Bat shit. The girl has balls of steel to pull this, knowing I’m here.

“She’s just trying to rile you up, man.”

My head snaps right toward the source. It’s Stryker, or should I say “the Joker,” and he’s donning one hell of an amused, bloodied smirk. Bet if the tables were turned and it was his little “Harley Quinn” being offered up, he wouldn’t find it so goddamn funny. Teaching a class full of women and shaking your ass for a man are two very different things.

“Go get your girl,” he adds, extending a tattooed hand for my beer. “I’ll get you a fresh one.”

I nod, throwing in a curt smile for good measure as I pass him the bottle, and take off, weaving through the crowd toward the front. Right as I’m clearing the last few people, some grimy looking bloke in full Mad Hatter getup takes the seat Suki had available to the highest bidder and begins sizing Lux up and down with hungered eyes.

Not today, motherfucker.

Tightening my grip on the faux hook in my hand, I stalk up the steps and catch the back of his steampunk vest, giving a brutal yank. He topples off the chair with a resounding thud, glassy eyes glaring up at me past the lights from the glistening floors. My lips don’t so much as twitch. I could give three fucks his ass is on the ground.

What I do give a fuck about is him or any other asshole in here who thinks they’re going to get within an inch of my Queen, much less lay a finger on her.

“Took you long enough,” Suki jibes as I step over the defeated prat and plant my ass in the now vacant seat before flashing her the bird and grinning the most exaggerated, obnoxious grin for added effect.

“Real fucking funny.”

I’m offered the bird in return, an eye roll, too. “Have a laugh, Roman. It was a joke. I know she’s yours.”

Damn right she is.

“Lux, you ready?” she quips, drawing my girl’s stare on me as Mad Hatter stumbles his drunk ass off the stage.

Those blues of hers, they glimmer mischievously as she nods, a kittenish smirk curling her full lips.

That look means one thing and one thing only.

She’s about to bring me to my knees in front of all these people, and there’s not a bloody thing I can do about it.


From the corner of my eye, I catch Suki signaling the DJ. The music starts up just seconds later, and it’s right about then I’m really transported back in time.

It’s the same song from that night.

The main difference between now and then is Vic. He was lingering in the crowd that night, watching my every move. Now, he’s six feet under thanks to the bullet I put between his eyes.

As soon as Rihanna’s voice starts crooning those familiar provocative lyrics, Lux’s hips start rolling, swaying, replicating the very same routine she tortured me with a year ago. The enticing motion travels through her body in a rippling effect, all the way up to her head. Bending forward toward one leg, she swings her head around and snaps back up, blue-eyed stare on me as those emerald tresses fall around her face in a mess.

Fuck, this is torture all over again, and the erotic words blaring through the speakers don’t help; they only amplify her movements. Takes everything in me to stay fused to that damn chair, especially when she sinks to her knees and stretches out onto her hands, a wicked smirk puckering her already pouty lips.

Despite the fact my cock’s kicking beneath my slacks, I can’t help but chuckle. She loved goading me back then. That hasn’t changed one bit. She still does it, and she’s definitely doing it now. Rolling around on the floor, her eyes pin me to the seat as she arches her ass in the air. Then comes the crawl, that dick-twitching feline-like crawl before she slides into my lap, only this time, she straddles me. Inked arm wraps around my neck as her hair falls around like a veil.

“You’re so in for it when this is over,” I croon, barely resisting the urge to squeeze her ass.

I’m so useless against it, the faux hook slips from my grip, clattering onto the floor.

Lux smiles deviously, hips rolling into me in time to the beat as her teeth clamp down on my bottom lip. “That’s the point.”

My hand flies to her throat, squeezing with just enough pressure to momentarily immobilize her. “You’ve got about thirty seconds to wrap this up before I pull you and that sassy little ass of yours off the stage. Are we clear?”

“Crystal,” she grins. “But not before I do this.” Sliding effortlessly off my lap, she spins around and touches her toes. The material of her costume rides up, giving me not only a perfect view of that ass, but the enticing swell of her pussy that’s barely covered by the scrap of material she calls panties.

Teeth grinding, my hands ball into fists to keep from reaching out and sliding said panties to the side. More still when she sinks to the floor, rolls onto her back, and parts her legs, her stare unrelenting. Hoots and hollers resound from the audience as I suck in a heap of air, and Suki mumbles a hushed “Oh, shit” into the mic. Our reactions fuel her. Lips curling, she snakes a hand over her cunt, slowly dragging the pad of her middle finger up her slit.

My blood pressure skyrockets.

Yup, we’re done.

I’m out of the chair in a single blink, pulling her onto her feet and hauling her over my shoulder. The crowd cheers louder, whistles and crude encouragements ringing out above the music.

“My office!” Suki shouts into the mic, raising the volume in the room impossibly more.

Dirty fuckers.

My mouth quirks as I head straight for the hallway, a wave of hands slapping me on the back as I pass through. Last thing I hear is the music fading out and Suki’s whooing blaring through speakers.

Ten seconds later, we’re bursting into the office.

Slamming shut the door with my foot, I make a beeline for the desk and drop Lux on top of it.

“Better make this quick. Suki’s pervy ass will definitely come in here, no shame,” she coos.

I shrug. My coat goes with it, followed by my belt. “If that’s what tickles her fancy, then, by all means, she can have a seat and watch her salacious best friend get fucked after her little spectacle. Now go on, lose the panties.”

“I told you I had a surprise for you.” She’s not remotely sorry, making quick work of removing the offending garment.

“A surprise is a blowie in the car, love—not you showcasing to the audience what belongs to me.”

“Oh, relax.” Her sensuous laugh rents the air. “They didn’t see anything.”

“Maybe,” I pull myself free, pumping it a few times, “Either way, you better brace yourself.” Wedging my way between her legs, I align myself with her entrance and drag the head through her heat. A hiss whirrs through my teeth. “I’m beginning to think you’re more of an exhibitionist than you’ve let on. You’re deliciously wet.”

Lux grips my ebony dress shirt and yanks me closer, humming appreciatively. “Yeah, well, there is a thrill to being watched, Mr. King. Total bonus to your reaction, I must admit.”


Conversation over.

Lips collide, tongues clash. Frantic and intense, she goes straight for the buttons of my shirt, undoing each one with a quickness as I devour her mouth and slink her dress over her ass. She tastes so good, of tequila and limes.

Sin and temptation.

Everything I need and yet don’t deserve.

As soon as I shrug off my shirt, she falls pliant beneath me. Her mouth doesn’t cease its assault, but she lets me explore, lets me consume her—and that’s exactly what I want; to consume her day in and day out, to be embedded so deep within the fabric of her being, she’ll never leave me, even when I fuck up royally.

The way her legs wrap around my waist pushes me inside her from one moment to the next. Her pussy sucks me right in, forcing my eyes to the back of my head as her heat envelopes me from base to tip.

Fuck,” we hiss in tandem.

It’s heaven and hell every single time. Never gets old.

Arm curling around one of her legs, I roll my hips deeper, pistoning harder and faster with each thrust.

So warm, so fucking wet. So mine.

“First and last time you spread your legs for an audience, got it?” I grit, slapping her clit with a firm hand.

An appeased moan and a nod of her head is the extent of my response. A part of me instantly feels cheated; I wanna hear her say it, but we don’t have time to drag this out. I’ll slip the belt around her neck and bring her to the edge repeatedly until she screams it when we get back to the hotel.

Next thing I know, the door’s flying open behind us, breaking the muffled silence.

Lux gasps beneath me as a volatile “What the fuck!” rips from my throat. My eyes widen in realization at who the intruder is.

Mad Hatter.

With a growl, I slam Lux’s legs closed and shove my dick back into my slacks. “You again.”

“You...You pushed me,” he slurs, taking a long swig from his beer as he stumbles further into the room. “Come here so I can… So I can r-return the favor, asshole.”

Stupid bloke must have a death wish.

I’m about to charge for him when Suki comes barreling in like a bat out of hell and snatches the back of his vest. “I don’t fucking think so! Out! Get the fuck out!”

“No!” He struggles against her, shrugging her off his person. “We need t-to chat! Someone needs to t-teach him some manners!”

Interesting he should say that. Fighting words in my book.

My shoulders bounce through a chuckle. “You wanna chat?” I rip him from Suki’s hold by the front of his shirt and slam him into the wall beside the door. The beer slips from his grip, smashing into a million pieces on the floor. “Tell Stryker to bring me a bottle of bourbon.”

Suki’s eyes bulge. “For what?”

“Just do it!” I bark.

She groans, profoundly I should add, but disappears down the hall nonetheless.

“Rome, don’t,” Lux tries behind me from her place atop the desk. “Not here.”

Very slowly, I pivot toward her, a devious smile carving itself on my lips. “Don’t worry, kitty cat—I’ll leave him breathing. Now, go get yourself a drink. I’ll be done here soon.”

“D-done with w-what?” Mad Hatter questions right as Stryker appears at the threshold with Suki on his tail.

Confused as all hell, he hands me the bottle, stare tracking back and forth between a quivering Mad Hatter and myself. He’s not one for violence, or so I’ve been told, which surprises me considering his girl isn’t above it.

Taking the top-shelf bourbon, I pin my gaze on Suki and tip my chin behind her. “Get Lux out of here.”

“Why? What are you gonna do?”

Takes everything in me not to sigh in exasperation. “Can you stop asking so many bloody questions and just fucking do it?”

Silence. Well, as silent as it can be with Hollywood Undead blaring from the speakers.

Suki narrows her eyes, hands balling into fists at her sides. It’s pretty clear she’s on the verge of wishing me an eternity in hell when her man steps in.

“Baby, go.” he insists, holding his hand out for Lux. “I’ll stay here with him.”

“You guys go; I’ll stay with him,” Lux counters.

My head whips around so fast I’m surprised it doesn’t snap off my neck. “The hell you are. Go with Suki, now.”

She gives me that look, that dubiously unamused look. “Why? You act like I haven’t earned my one-way ticket to hell already.”

“Oh, I know you have. We’ll spend an eternity there together. Tonight, though, tonight was supposed to be fun, until our little Mad Hatter here decided to put a dent in.”

“He’s drunk, Roman. Just let him go. I’ll have security escort him out,” Suki states, but that’s not what I want.

Like I said, I could give a fuck about lots of things. But my Queen? That I do give a fuck about, and ol’ chap right here is about to learn as much, especially since he dared to challenge me.

“He can go when I’m done. Now get. Lux. Out. Of. Here.”

Both Suki and Lux huff in frustration, but they’re gone less than a minute later, prompting Stryker to close and lock the door.

With him playing guard, I drag Mad Hatter to the nearest seat and toss him into the cushion. He stares up at me with a fearful blaze flickering in his eyes, his mouth popping open and closed in a feeble attempt to speak.

Feeble for now anyway. He’ll get his turn.

Or will he?

Kneeing him right in the nuts, I dig my arm into his throat, suffocating him around the pain, and pour the bourbon on his eyes. ‘You wanna chat, mate? Let’s fucking chat.”

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