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The streets of Miami became my home at a young age, streets that weren’t always very pleasant or forgiving. I hustled hard to get by, refused to seek help. I did plenty of things I’m not proud of either.

But I made it... Now, this is my city. 

My merciless streets. 

My empire. 

So I don’t know who the hell Roman King thinks he is, storming in here and throwing around demands. He wants my power. 

My throne. 

Well, news flash for him…

Over my. Dead. Body.

I’ll wreak havoc on his life far worse than the demons of his past, demons that somehow mesh so well with my own…

He will bow down to this Queen.



She bloody warned me, threatened me with war, but those threats hold no power over me. 

They don’t faze me.

Summoned to aid this city in ending her era, I’m the leading pawn on the chess board meant to dethrone the Queen.

She’s vicious, ruthless, corrupt—a challenge I fancy a little too much.

So let this vow be heard today...

Miami will burn to the ashes, but in the end, it will rise, reborn from the blood of her empire. The depravity that runs through my veins will consume every tear and relish her cries for mercy.

Lux Mercier will kneel at my altar.

The King will reign.

Volatile Obsessions

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