We were neighbors—sworn enemies.
Until the world we knew went up in sweltering, viral flames.
Despite our differences, I couldn’t leave Loren for dead after hearing her petrified screams, and with no one else to turn to, that left us tied to one another as the apocalypse continued to unfold.
Fast forward one year later, and there’s only thing I now desire more than our survival...
Getting her beneath me has become an obsession, an infection rooted deep within me like the very virus meant to kill us.
I’m falling for her at the worst time possible, I know this, but she is, too.
It was inevitable, really.
Whether we supersede the Z’s or not, one thing’s for certain—in the end, Loren will be mine.

*NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Snare is a 20k novella originally part of the Black Hearts anthology. It is SHORT, steamy, and straight to the point.

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