Due to KDP having inconsistent quality control, the most recent copies of Birdy I ordered came in misprinted. The story itself is fine, it's simply the black chapter pages that are too dark to show the image. As you can see from the listing images, you can just barely make out a faint hint of each photo on the top corners of the pages. Other than that, the books are intact and in pristine condition. 




Come to the United States, they said.

Freedom and endless opportunities for all, they said.

So we did—made the ninety-mile trek overseas from Havana to Key West.

What they didn’t tell us was how hard these supposed opportunities would be to obtain when you’re an illegal alien. A fact that forced both my brother and I onto a dark path in an effort to help our family.

The difference between Tommy and I?

He didn’t get caught.

Had I stayed away from Arcángel—the illusive, faceless mastermind behind the Upper Echelon—I might not have gotten caught either.

Now, I’m paying the price, rotting away at the hands of the judicial system and facing possible deportation after serving my time.

Can’t get worse, right?


Enter Andrés Bala—the new C.O. at the Annex who fits the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype to a T.

It’s clear the man wants me, and I don’t understand why.

Why I want him.I’m a criminal...he strives for justice.

So wrong yet so right, we end up crossing the line, and after a sneaky, whirlwind affair, he vows to wait for me.

The question now is: can Andrés handle la Jefa outside the confines of her cage?

Signed *Misprinted* Birdy (Upper Echelon #1) Paperbacks

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