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With pain comes strength.

My name is Hazel Perry. 
You, however, can call me Lioness.
I'm the Queen; fierce, untouchable, and undefeated.
That ring is mine. I live and breathe for it, train out of my mind to remain in the number one spot.
I've been asked how I willingly subject myself to such an intense, brutal career. 
My answer? Because it feels good.
The rush, the high, even the pain--it's exhilarating.
And it's made me stronger, something I never thought I could be in the looming shadow of my past. One so raw and agonizing it left me a mere shell of myself--cynical, fearful, and wary.
Until Knox Carr.
Piercing blues and miles of ink. 
The man spliced right through my armor and turned my dismal world right side up. He showed me how to feel again, how to live again, and dare I say to love again.
But as the echo of my past manifests anew, forcing bouts of separation and trails along the way, will Knox deem himself to be the ferocious lion I need, or will this lioness forever stand in the spotlight alone?

I Am Lioness (Bloodshed Duet #1)

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