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Finding Wendy chained in that dungeon wasn’t by sheer chance.

It was the inexplicable call of duty that lured me toward the sound of her cries.

Although I didn’t know her, much less why she was down there, I knew I had to save her. 

Consequences be damned.

So the Lost Boys and I formed a plan, and after mission impossible, I brought her back to our stomping grounds. I thought we were in the clear, but Peter Pan proves to have left his mark on another innocent soul.

Innocent or not, her connection to him quickly leaves her as ostracized as he once found himself, pointed looks and hushed voices following her every move.

Until her mortality poses a concern, that is.

One the factions can’t ignore. 

One no one has answers for, either. 

Both my father and the Sacred Six warn there might not be any, but that doesn’t deter Wendy from trying to find a solution.

Amidst the chaos, there’s a singular thought that incessantly crosses my mind. Proof that fate is real.

She’s mine.

And I’ll be damned if anyone tries to rip my little wolf away from me.


**Please note: Lost Girl is book two in the Rosewood Realm series. Although Rosewood is a series of interconnected standalones, it is recommended the books be read in order.

Lost Girl (Rosewood Realm #2)

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