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The Damaged & Discounted section of my shop exists due to Amazon being notorious for poorly handling and packing books, thus resulting in superficially imperfect books I cannot justify selling at full price. While the interiors are intact and fully legible, sometimes the artwork can be misprinted. The exteriors can also have one or more of the following: smudged covers, bent corners, dinged spine edges, slightly dirtied page exteriors. By adding one of these to your cart, you acknowledge that you understand you will be receiving an imperfect copy of that title. No refunds or returns.




This listing comes with a complementary swag pack! ♥


About the Book:

Three words: Pink. Sparkly. Bikini.

That’s how this depraved obsession started.

I’d never once looked at Lyric as anything other than my wife’s daughter. The deepest my attention and affections ran were that of any fatherly figure. But those neglected baser needs took one look too long, and my fate was sealed—especially after the “accidental” nude debacle.

I figure ignoring her and staying as far away as possible will get my point across; we can’t happen and I can’t be attracted to her. 

It’s immoral, forbidden, wrong on so many levels.

She’s a brat, though, and goddamn does she know how to play the game. Knows how to work her way under my skin, how to push my buttons, how to taunt and tempt me toward the point of no return.

How to break me.

And eventually, it works. I snap, we collide—the perfect combination of heaven and hell.

What never should have happened quickly spirals into tabloid-gold material, a scandal waiting to happen. We’re playing one hell of a dangerous game, treading lines that could ruin us if her A-list celebrity mother uncovers our little secret.

The one thing working in our favor is we’re not the only ones masking the truth.

Lyric Taylor will be mine—mark my words. Even if I have to burn our lives to the ground to keep her.

Brat Mode Activated: Limited Edition

$35.00 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
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