Crazy. Psycho. Freak.

Those are just a few of the words people have used to label me my whole life.

I don’t understand society's obsession with having to label everything and everyone, but alas, such is life. Not like it isn’t true; I am crazy, a product of two screw ups who made sure I turned out as messed up as they are.

What they weren’t expecting is how much worse I’d be.

Once I became too much for them to handle, they threw me to the wolves without a second thought.

It was then I found Carnaval de la Mort.

They became my family, aiding me and all of my personalities in a way no one had dared to before. They loved me and accepted me for me, even the ones who claimed not to have a heart.

Brooks wasn’t part of the show, but after the first night I saw him in the audience during one of my salacious, death-defying acts, I began seeing him show up more and more. Each time he tried to get closer, tried worming his way into my calloused heart, and each time I warned him a crazy broad like me doesn’t fall in love.

Pity he couldn’t listen.

He was much too pretty to die.

WARNING: If you’re considering picking up this book, chances are you've read the blurb. Given the genre and the collection it’s part of, I think this goes without saying… However, in the event you need clarification: We’re All Mad Here is not a true romance novel. Some readers may consider it dark romance due to certain aspects, but word to the wise—there is no HEA. Should you decide to forge on and brave Vayla’s twisted world, please remember you are doing so at your own discretion. Don’t come for me when you’re done with it, k? This book contains dark subject matter that might be triggering to some. It also contains mature language, sexually explicit scenarios, and detailed depictions of graphic violence.


She’s coming for me, she said.

I should be scared, she said.


Seems la Jefa has forgotten Arcángel is never scared.

Regardless of what she tells herself and that little boy she calls

a man, Benita Adriana Villanueva belongs to me.

At least, in the end she will.

I’m not delusional. I know I’ll have to work for it,

might even have to grovel at her altar.

Doesn’t matter—I’ll set the whole goddamn world

on fire if I have to.

I’ve waited almost five years for her; I won’t relent until

her heart is mine to mend.

Three obstacles now stand in my way:

Him, the Upper Echelon, and her plan for retribution.

Forget herself, she wants justice for her brother, putting her freedom on the line and risking it all to see it to fruition.

But there’s one very important detail she doesn’t care to understand no matter how many times I tell her.

I’m innocent.

My hands are as clean as they were all those years ago,

and it’s about time she finally learns the truth.

All of my truths.

So buckle up, mami—it’s gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride.

You might be coming for me,

but Hurricane Ángel is coming for you, too.

Your knight in shining armor doesn’t stand a chance.



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